As has become a tradition for many many years, United fans congregated under The Munich Plaque prior to the match against Huddersfield (the nearest home match to the anniversary of the crash) to remember the victims.

Pete Martin led the singing of his song “Pride of Football The Busby Babes”. Kady Cavannagh and Steve Douglas read their poems and Pete led the singing of “The Flowers of Manchester”. The event was MC’d by Rev. John Boyers, Chaplain at Manchester United. Oh and this year yours truly was persuaded to get up and speak!

Although this event is for the fans by the fans, United have supported us by providing the PA system and printing the brochures, for which we are grateful. The full video is below:

3 Responses to “Video – 3rd February 2018”

  1. God Bless you all. Although I was only 8 years old I remember the night and the grief.

  2. John Clerkin says:

    Let the Flowers of Manchester now sow the seeds of a new and powerful Manchester United with Ole at the wheel.God Bless the Busby Babes, R.I.P.

  3. Trevor Webst says:

    Hi i was seven years old and can still remember the pain and grief Jimmy Murphy and the rest of the
    Staff did an amazing job keeping things going.god bless them all.

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