As has become a tradition for the past few years, a couple of thousand United fans congregated under The Munich Plaque an hour before the match against Stoke on 2nd February (the nearest home match to the anniversary of the crash).

Pete Martin led the singing of his song “Pride of Football The Busby Babes”. Kady Cavannagh and Steve Douglas read a poem each and Pete led the singing of “The Flowers of Manchester”. The event was MC’d by Rev. John Boyers, Chaplain at Manchester United.

Although this event is for the fans by the fans, United have supported us by providing the PA system and printing the brochures, for which we are grateful.

The full 18-minute video is below:

4 Responses to “Video – 2nd February 2016”

  1. geraldine douglas says:

    Superb poem! Read by a brilliant Gentleman.
    Well Done, ‘Steve Douglas’x

  2. Tom Chamley. says:

    RIP Babes… As ever ..Always Remembered.
    Thanks Mike and Elaine… Keeping it alive with this tremendous website, and covering the anniversary each year. And to Pete Martin .. “The Flowers of Manchester”.

  3. Such an emotional and poignant tribute by everyone. Well done Steve, a good friend and gifted poet. So proud to see you there and listen to your words.

  4. Keith Rogers says:

    Another year goes by but the pain is still there as bad to day as it was in 58. God bless Babes. Play well in heaven x A Fulham supporter

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