The Mayor of Munich, Christian Ude and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge accepted IMUSA’s invitation to speak and both did so movingly. Father Bill Buckley of the English speaking Catholic Mission in Munich read out the names of the twenty-three who were killed in this disaster and led a short religious service, speaking with dignity and reverence about the significance of the occassion.

“The Flowers of Manchester” were spoken with great emotion by a fan from Salford and the planned part of the ceremony was closed by the bagpipe playing of Mike Dahlmanns.

This was a remarkable day for everyone who was there, from the driving rain stopping at exactly the right time, to the meeting with many residents of Trudering who were present at the time of the crash and who helped with the rescue of those that survived. Friends and relatives of the players were also in attendance and it is clear that the memory of the Babes is in safe hands with all that knew them and know of them.

Photos kindly supplied by United fans Keith Jones and Rick Redman

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